Thursday, October 22, 2015

Best Costume Award: A Halloween Poem

Best Costume Award.
The time has come to mask yourself.
Disguised as goblin, gnome or elf,
Patrol the streets and ask for treats.
Expect a fright and make a sight
That chills the feet and leaves heartbeats
To race in spite of lighted night.
But, for a cloak that won’t be seen,
Dress up as me for Halloween.

Though I’m not famed like Superman -
Both myth and wealth have yet to pan -
Tell I to you of all that’s true:
My front’s the best to stop a guess.
My gaze can fool and hands pull wool
O’er eyes - I dress to hide the mess
Inside the man – oh you’d be keen
To dress as me for Halloween.

Won’t find my hide inside a shop -
You’ll have to rush, I mean, don’t stop
To find a place that sells a face
That screens a soul of pain and strife
As joy. I’ll praise without a trace
Of true belief that comes from life.
What lurks beneath this look, this sheen?
Go out as me for Halloween.

Let’s look for ways to shed these scales
To stop this show, to drop these veils.
Refuse to come as white-washed tombs.
Instead we’ll find our cups and minds
Are clean as rooms that knew no dooms
Placed down by signs of sin and binds.
I’ll not pretend, here’s what I mean -
I won’t dress as me for Halloween.